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Tap on the Stores tab in the bottom navigation. It should find the closest store to you automatically. If it doesn't just search for it. Tap on Genius Bar. Select the device you're having problems with.

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Look over your reservation and make sure everything looks right. You can tap on How can we help you?

MacBook Pro Problems 💻(Genius Bar FAIL 😡)

Here is how:. Now you have your Genius Bar reservation. Apple will also send you an confirmation email. You can easily cancel or reschedule it if you want to. Make sure you back up your device before going. I am trying to make s reservation at the Genius Bar at Apple in Nanuet.. My I phone is locked again—I need an appointment at the Spokane Store—How do I do this I can not find a phone number land line for the store.

Bought an Xr was told it would come with an ATT sum card. It did not.

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Was told my 6se would not work. Spent almost 3 hours in the phone getting different answers. If I can not activate this on Friday I will return it.

I feel your frustration! I happen to live about seven blocks from an Apple store. I stroll over there, find the appointment maker and make the appointment right there and then. You have the choice to wait, probably an hour, sometimes much less , for service, or you can make an appointment for another day.

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Broken phones are drama producers in the Apple Store. It's understandable to be upset when your phone is broken, but yelling obscenities at an employee won't increase your chances of them being empathetic to your cause.

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When you bring a broken iPhone into the store, it will play out in one of four ways:. If the phone's screen is cracked, the employee will present you with the option of replacing the screen for a set cost, which will be done in store. If your phone is physically damaged or presents signs of liquid damage, the phone will need to be replaced.

Here is how phone purchases work. Keep this in mind so you have realistic expectations when you go to get your phone fixed.

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If you are going to the Apple Store to learn how to use your products, you might come in contact with a Creative. Creatives are employees who are certified in Apple's software applications and can train you on things like making a movie with Final Cut, or on simple things like organizing your pictures.

Customers can get access to Creative training with the purchase of a One to One membership. One to One members receive access to a portal where they can sign up for personal or group training.

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One to One members also get the option of having the Genius team transfer all of their data from their old machine Mac or PC to their new one. It's up to you whether or not you think it's worth it, but if you are new to computers or tend to ask a lot of questions, I would recommend that you purchase this service. Apple Store employees are happy to answer your questions, but pulling them away from customers so you can ask an in-depth question isn't very considerate of other customers' time.

If you don't feel like purchasing One to One, or you just need more general help getting started, most Apple Retail Stores offer free workshops that go over the basics and help you get started. Bigger, standalone, stores have dedicated areas for trainings, but some of the smaller stores hold trainings in the Red Zone. The Red Zone is Apple's sales floor. When you first enter the store, there will be an employee at the front of the store who will direct you to the appropriate section of the store to address your needs.

Do not ignore this person. I can't tell you how many times a customer blew past me and walked straight to the Genius Bar asking to buy a phone. Engage the person at the door; it will keep you from looking like an idiot and you'll probably get the help you need more quickly. There are two types of employees in the Red Zone, specialists and experts. Specialists are general employees who can sell most of the products, while experts are specially trained and certified to know everything about a specific product line.

So, if you have some complex questions about the current Mac OS, ask to be connected to a Mac Expert.

READ THIS BEFORE: booking an Apple Genius Bar appointment

None of the Apple employees in the Red Zone work on commission. There are a few different ways to make purchases in an Apple Retail Store. If you make a purchase through an employee, they will scan the item and take payment on their modified iPod known as an EasyPay. They can take cash, but you will need to walk to a cash drawer with the employee to get change. If you aren't purchasing an expensive device you can make a purchase through your phone using the EasyPay functionality of the Apple Store app on your iPhone.

You must have location services enabled for this app, and you have to be on the store's Wi-Fi, but you can scan a barcode with the phone's camera and pay through the credit card attached to your Apple ID.