G-drive mini not showing up on mac

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Lindsay G. So it wasn't till today that I reconnected it to my laptop and it doesn't show on my desktop. The light blinks on the hard drive and I hear it spinning but doesn't show on my desktop. I have important files in this drive.

15 Worst Mac Hard Disk Drive Problem with Solutions

What can I do? Was this ever solved I am having the same exact problem after plugging my wd external into a windows pc on accident. MacBook same version on Yosemite. Light blinks on hd but nothing shows up. This is the worst.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up on Mac? Here's How to Fix It

Same with me, the passport unit it's self seams to be working fine. Light is glowing, slight vibrating, but does not show on my computer at all. Hello, I just had the same problem and thought all it's lost. But I plugged the hard drive in my husband's mac and it was working. I shut my mac book off and sprayed both usb ports with dust off air-spray. I just turned it on again and the hard drive is discoverable again.

Before We Begin: Read-Only Volumes and NTFS

Show 2 more comments. Dan danj. Self employed contract worker. Lastly, see if Apple's Drive Utility is able to see the drive. If it does try repairing it.

G-DRIVE Mobile

Sounds like the drive is OK. Even still your Mac should be able to access the drive. Did you alter your system? The Applications window will open up and the Google Drive icon will be inside. Select the Google Drive icon. A window will appear asking if you want to open Google Drive. On the right-hand side of the menu bar, the Google Drive icon will appear. Enter your St.

Olaf Gmail password and select Sign in.

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Connect your hard drive to your Mac. Make sure that you properly power on any external power supplies and properly connect the cables. Check for loose, damaged or worn cables and replace the cables, if necessary. Click the background to bring up the Finder menu in the the top bar. Click "Go" and select "Utilities" from the drop-down list. Select your hard drive, optical drive or other attached drive in the sidebar. Click the "Mount" button. If the operating system already mounted the drive, an "Unmount" button displays instead. Click the "First Aid" tab and select "Repair Disk," if available.

G-Technology external hard drive Set Up Guide for Mac 2019‬

You may need to restart your computer and follow the prompts to complete the repair. Click the "Finder" icon in the Dock and look for your drive in the sidebar.

Restart "Disk Utility" if you had to restart your computer to perform a repair and you still don't see your drive. Select your hard drive from the list and click the "Erase" tab.