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But Mac OS X has its share of quality open source programs as well — and a bunch of them aren't available for Linux or Windows. The software prides itself on full compatibility with the W3C. SVG standard, which includes support for a number of advancements in vector graphic technology clones, markers and alpha blending to name a few. Boxy is a new breed of modern vector graphics editor designed to provide similar functionality to Illustrator and Inkscape.

The app works on a variety of platforms, and includes its own Mac app or you can run it inside a web browser if you want. The app includes support for the importing or. SVG files,. JPEG, and. GIF and integrated support for the Google Fonts library.

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Lightweight, free, and begging to be played with. The app is promised to be free forever, and even includes free accounts for syncing your work with other computers and platforms. Best of all Vector includes a comprehensive user guide as well as tutorials, so you can learn to use it effectively in very little time. LibreOffice is a popular open source alternative to Microsoft Office, and it comes with its own drawing program appropriately named Draw. Look what I made in LibreOffice Draw pic. If you already use LibreOffice, you might already have it installed.

The app is very lightweight at only 3.

SVG support. There are a range of in-built shapes and tools for mapping out vectors, though professionals and users who are used to the advanced features seen in Illustrator will probably be left wanting more.

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  4. New users should check out the tutorials section of the Pixelmator website in order to get up to speed with the software. PDF and. EPS Illustrator formats, as well as layered. PSD import and export for Photoshop users. There really is a lot to love about Graphic, especially at such an attractive price point.

    1. Inkscape (Free)

    Affinity claims to have the best Photoshop. AI Illustrator format , Freehand and. EPS file formats to boot. You can even use raster-style effects for the best of both worlds. The most expensive product on this list, Sketch bills itself as a professional vector program for designers. Import from.

    Alchemy is a bit of a wildcard. Various modules allow you to interact with the canvas in unorthodox ways: using your voice, using random shapes, using a mirror drawing technique, by drawing blind, and random placement and distortion of shapes. Requires the Java Runtime Environment to work, allows export to vector format for further tweaking.

    Experimental and fun.

    12 Free Mac Applications for Graphic Designers

    Your email address will not be published. Boxsvg is not free anymore. I like it most of the time but quite slow because it's on xquartz I guess.. Now it seems I can try others. Correct me if I'm wrong. So I came looking for an app to import ai and export as pdf or svg, to be imported into Sketch.. Create, by Andrew Stone, was pretty good I've used. It's obvious the author is Canadian; which means he's funny and he owns a lot of coats.

    Sounds like I have a couple of free options for vector software. Glad I found this article. Canvas Draw is back!!!

    Adobe Illustrator CS6

    Would you stop with the "Illustrator Killer" nonsense!? You simply can't replace a program that has been around over 20 years with a "new kid on the block" app that has been developed in a year, poorly implemented, has vague features, and tons of bugs. That alone makes Sketch one of the best options on this list.. And budget isn't even any factor in this choice making. Good to see that healthy competition is seeing a shift in Adobe's monopoly. Out of interest, what other factors are there beyond budget for opting for Sketch? It seems like the primary motivator for those who don't mind a decent initial investment to own the product outright, rather than Adobe's current model which could add up to far more money in the long run.

    Thanks for voting! Adobe Photoshop Download Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. Super Vectorizer 1. Download Alternatives to Super Vectorizer. VectorDesigner 1. Download Alternatives to VectorDesigner. Intaglio 3. Download Alternatives to Intaglio. Affinity Designer 1. Download Alternatives to Affinity Designer. Adobe Fireworks CS6 Download Alternatives to Adobe Fireworks.

    GIMP 2. Affinity Photo 1. Download Alternatives to Affinity Photo.

    Top 15 Free Mac Apps for Graphic Designers

    FlySketch 1. Download Alternatives to FlySketch. Pixelmator 3.

    Why Some Graphic Designers Choose Mac

    Download Alternatives to Pixelmator.