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The biggest change is the inclusion of a Light Theme in the May Update.

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As with the Dark Theme, menus, apps and the taskbar and Start menu all change their looks to match the theme. However, you were able to turn the feature back on. With macOS Overall, both macOS However, it also means that if you don't like the interface, there's nothing in the new versions that will change your mind either way. There are similarities with the user interfaces, however.

In macOS In Windows 10, you can launch apps in a similar way, either from the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen which can also be used to switch between apps or through the Start menu. The outcry was big enough that Microsoft promptly brought it back with Windows With the May Update, the Start menu is still a central part of the OS — and Microsoft is even asking its users what they think and how it can be improved, something Apple doesn't often do when it comes to its own OS.

Both macOS In previous versions of macOS, iTunes was the default media player which would handle music — either bought from the iTunes Store or ripped from CDs — or play videos. However, in macOS While splitting iTunes into three separate apps might seem like it's complicating things, the idea is that these apps will be able to focus on their individual media and offer more robust and specialized features.

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Despite its large user base, iTunes wasn't widely loved, and many people found the app in need of an update. Breaking it into three new apps might not be what they had in mind, though. With Windows 10 May Update, there are also separate apps for media playback. These feature more modern and user-friendly interfaces compared to Apple's apps - though some may accuse them of being overly simplified. This offers a more traditional desktop media playing experience — similar to iTunes.

Or course, both macOS Somewhat ironically, it looks like iTunes will continue to be available in Windows 10 May Update — so if you really love that software there must be someone out there who does , then you may want to switch to Windows to keep using Apple's classic media player. Apple also has a music streaming subscription service called Apple Music.

As of , 50 million people use Apple Music , so the user base is catching up with Spotify. As you'd imagine, Apple Music is tightly integrated into macOS Microsoft used to have a rival subscription service called Groove Music, however it struggled against Spotify and Apple Music, and at the end of it was discontinued.

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The Groove app in Windows 10 May Update can play streamed music, but it is now integrated with Spotify for that purpose. Both operating systems are accomplished at handling media — and often use the same apps and services.

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However, for a more cohesive media playing experience, we've got to hand it to macOS Many people use macOS and Windows for their work computers, and both operating systems are geared towards productivity. For example, Sidecar allows you to use an iPad as a second display.

You can use it to expand the desktop, making it easier to work on numerous apps at once, or you can use the iPad to control your Mac by using its touchscreen. Apple also introduced the Voice Control accessibility feature to macOS Windows 10 has a commendable range of accessibility features, and offers a similar method of voice control. New productivity tools in Windows 10 May Update include an improved Start menu search box which lets you find documents on your PC quickly and easily. There's also a new Windows Sandbox tool for Windows 10 Pro users, which allows users to run software in a closed-off virtual version of Windows This lets you test out software without it affecting the rest of your PC.

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It's not a feature everyone will want, but it's a great productivity tool for testing out new software from the internet. Microsoft has also beefed up its Windows subsystem for Linux, which allows you to run Linux apps and even entire distributions — or 'distros' from within Windows.

If you want to taste the design of Mac computers or you used before and you want the same design on your desktop, then this program is for you. On acquisition of a new Windows computer, you might feel compelled to change the theme and background of your desktop. The default theme is rather too plain by all standards. There are several themes and backgrounds that come with Windows 7 that you can choose from.

However, there are instances when you just would like to import a totally different theme from a different operating system and have it as your landing page on your desktop. If this describes you,.

It will give a Mac Lion look and feel to your screen, main windows and menus. As the name of the program suggests, you will get the theme on your Windows 7 computer. It is important to note that this is just the theme you are getting and your Windows 7 OS remains un-tampered with. The look is quite similar to the original Mac OS X theme.