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Login Register. Best cameras and lenses All forums Mac Talk Change forum. Started Nov 22, Discussions. Forum Threaded view. Nov 22, Hi folks, I was in a rush on a job and I couldn't find the sort by "Time taken" The time when the image was captured by the camera in Finder. Thanks in advance. Solution : add the "Create time" column in Finder view settings. As previous poster noted, you can add a column for Date Created and sort by that.

How to Sort Files by Date on Mac

There are two issues why that answer does not solve the problem: There is no "Create time" column option in the Finder. What i suggested was a simple solution, within the capabilities of Finder. Ideally, that rename would be done at the import in the workflow. UncaMikey wrote: As previous poster noted, you can add a column for Date Created and sort by that.

Thanks in advance I use Image Capture to transfer images from the memory card to a folder on my computer. UncaMikey wrote: amateurphotographer wrote: From what I can gather here, people are saying run it through a programme that renames the files with like xxxxxx.

How to Change a File’s Last Modified and Creation Dates on Mac OS X - By

Thanks in advance Lightroom has a very powerful renaming option that will do what you require, if I am understanding your question correctly. In the Library module select the photos you wish to rename and then from the Library Menu choose Rename Photos… A drop down menu offers some ready made renaming presets but choosing Edit… at the bottom of the drop down menu enables you to build your own custom presets.

Hope this helps. Cheaper than PhotoMechanic or Lightroom. Mike Boreham's gear list: Mike Boreham's gear list. Cool Graybalance - many thanks I looked into my export more today, didn't realise you can add multiple field like hour mins and seconds. I agree.

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It's a shame, since it can access the information, and it's even indexed. F Forum M My threads. Latest sample galleries.

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Tamron mm F2. Latest in-depth reviews. Latest buying guides. Latest reviews. If so, is there a command line that will make that change? Thank you, all.

Change the Modification Time of a File in macOS

Hi Tom, You can copy information between any 2 tags using the same command as before. Tom please contact the website to check what date time they use.

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  5. It would be interesting for me and a help for the website if they use a wrong date time. This was done indirectly by OSX in the fact that the filemodifydate is before the createdate. Thank you!! This is wonderful!

    I just uploaded a photo after using your last recommendations and all is well!! And to JanK I'll let you know when I hear back from him.

    Why are my photos showing the wrong date and time?

    Thanks again! Hi Tom, I'm glad this worked. The drag-n-drop app is an easy thing to do in Windows, but is much more difficult on a Mac. On a Mac, you need to do some scripting with AppleScript or create an Automator action to do this. There are some examples available from the ExifTool home page. Hi Phil: Yesterday when I tried out the new command lines you posted Quote. This is a safety feature. Thank you, Phil. That does it just right!

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    5. I think it was fate that I found this thread. I registered to say thanks for having this discussion. I was seeking the same thing, and my name is Tom. You know what I miss? Those pre-defined search items that used to hang out over in the Finder sidebar window. They were super handy. Turns out, you can get the same sort of search power right in Spotlight. Activate Spotlight with a quick Command-Space, or open a Finder window and click into the Search field in the top right.

      Either way, type in your search argument, choosing whether you want to look for files that were created on a date or modified on a date, like this:.