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I personally love anything rose scented but this one is really a miss for me. I reallyyy love this product. Been searching for a good fix spray for quite a long time. And finallyy i found this and never regret my decision to buy this product. Really recommended! I really love this spray. This my second purchased! I think its worth the money compare to other setting spray.

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12 Expensive Makeup Items We Totally Regret Splurging On

What it is: A lightweight water mist that gently soothes and refreshes skin and finishes makeup. Use alone or to finish makeup.

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Hold bottle 12 inches away from face and spray evenly. Shade: All Coconut Original Rose. Asumi Fujita 14 Aug Farzana qureshi 14 Aug Dora 11 Aug Naomi Quentin 11 Aug Raf 10 Aug Also available in an oil-control version. Promising review from this post : "It makes my skin look so even and flawless and, dare I say, silky, that I now refuse to leave the house without it on my face.

I fell in love so hard but felt so conflicted about the price that I tried every dupe out there for this foundation and none of them even came close. I'm hooked. Promising review: "I'm a year-old Asian male and a smoker. I've used almost every facial product brand imaginable in Sephora to no avail. My skin type is extremely sensitive and oily with redness and dry patches. Luna is absolutely hands down the best clearing, moisturizing, redness-relieving, brightening product I have ever used.

Every other day in the evening I rub six drops with my palms and massage into my entire face. Promising review for Mary Lou : "I started off looking for highlighters at the drugstore, but they always seemed chalky, powdery, and patchy on my skin, so I decided to cave and spend some extra money on high-end highlighters. Let me tell you, I'm so glad I bought [Mary Lou].

Although I have oily skin, I find that when you apply it in the right places, it really completes your makeup. It gives my skin a subtle glow and makes it look hydrated and healthy. The formula is very smooth and although it is a powder, it is easy to blend. Promising review: "This product is so well-named.

I've used it during trips, especially when I've been outside in cold, windy weather. While it's definitely an excellent moisturizer, it also seems to protect against cold winds, which would normally chap my face. It's not greasy and absorbs immediately, which is why it's surprising that something as lightweight could work all day long. Most moisturizers conk out after six or seven hours, but not this one. It's also great in buildings where it's excessively dry — my skin looks fresh and dewy no matter what. Promising review: "After all the hype, I decided to splurge and purchase this and I am not disappointed.

The shadows are very pigmented and buttery and last all day. It has all the colors needed for an everyday neutral or full-on glam look. It made me want to explore other high-end palettes. Promising review: "Before I met this tinted moisturizer, I was a total skincare snob. I only trusted the serious SPF and hydrating ingredients of skincare brands, thinking those from makeup brands were mere fluff.

Well, I eat my words. This gives my skin exactly what it needs — moisture, coverage and SPF 15 protection — in one easy step. It cut down my get-ready routine by about five minutes my husband is shocked! But the best aspect of this product is its coverage. I have very uneven skin thanks to hyperpigmentation and old acne scars and LM Tinted Moisturizer glides over them, making my skin tone miraculously appear even and impeccably natural. I've been getting comments from friends and coworkers about how good my skin looks — which, to a gal who's used to having bad skin, is the world's biggest boon.

This Highliner is a pencil from heaven. You BARELY have to press and you get soooo much pigment — it smudges when you need it to but it also settles down and doesn't budge throughout the day.

I'm converted, and this is coming from a girl who's used liquid eyeliner pretty much her whole life. This product is so easy to use. If you've been curious about switching back to pencil liner, this is the one to try. I won't be going back to anything else.

When you hit your forties you finally understand that less is more and makeup is only there to help you look fresher. In this regard light is everything and I think Nars understands this like no other. This product gives you the most beautiful and natural flush of color to your cheeks and the micro-particles of shimmer add light and vibrancy. I use this as a blush, lipstick and eyeshadow base. I have them in Portofino, Malibu an intoxicating brownish pink , and G-spot. Easy to apply with your fingers or Beautyblender, easy to carry around, and contains an impressive amount of product.

Good Molecules: Effective Skincare Starting at $6

Promising review: "Since I first started using a primer I have been unable to go back, and this Smashbox primer is probably my favorite. I fell in love with its silky texture totally not greasy , which provides a thin veil over the skin to make foundation glide on smoothly. It helps concealer not to crease under the eyes and it makes foundation and blush appear much more even and almost air-brushed. I use a powder foundation and it goes on much better with this primer than on bare skin.

Some primers tend to feel greasy or take a while to set, but not Smashbox. Promising review: "Hands down the best hair product I've ever purchased. It makes my thin, fine hair beautifully voluminous. I started using it a little over seven years ago and it's one of the only hair things I still use religiously.

Even when I put nothing else in my hair because I'm rushing, I still put a few sprays of this into my roots to give myself a little boost. And the smell is pure heaven. I've tried others and nothing is as well-formulated or good-smelling.

Products I Regret Buying -- Fake MAC Lipsticks, Smudgy Kajal ... -- SuperWowStyle Prachi

It's expensive but damn, is it worth it. Blue Tansy is an herbal-smelling blue-green gel that goes on clear. No more blackheads, my previously giant pores look smaller, and my skin is noticeably less red, smoother, and brighter immediately after use. Seriously, after I use this stuff, I cannot stop touching my face. Promising review: "I assumed the colors were more opaque than they really were, but the muted color I chose Piece of Cake is quite sheer and makes me want to try other colors.

I find the 'shaker' aspect to be a cute step that makes putting on a lip color more interactive. I like that this product goes on in one swipe and I don't have to dip the sponge back in.

27 Expensive Beauty Products You Won't Regret Buying

The color stays very well and I find that it applies super glossy at first but after a while it becomes more of a satin finish. It wears beautifully — no 'butthole' lips you get with other products after eating or drinking. Promising review: "I refuse to leave home without using this cream. I have blotchy, oily, and aging skin and this cream makes my skin bright and plump! Promising review: "I will cut right to the chase — if you are even considering trying these, do it!! I currently have three shades Pepper, Rhubarb, and Eggplant and love to daydream about which one I'm going to get next.

I have tried liquid lipsticks but got so tired of that dry, chalky feeling you get from most. However, these lipsticks are such a treat to wear — comfortable, smell great, and they come in so many gorgeous colors. The pigment really has staying power, almost like a lip stain. Even once they've faded they look great and they're easy to re-apply.

Absolutely worth every penny. Promising review: "This makeup palette is beautiful, especially for girls with green to hazel brown eyes. The colors are fun to play with because you can do a smokey eye or an everyday neutral look.